We offer financial services which are in sync with your business goals.

Our mission is to provide complex services, which promote the financial success, financial stability and efficiency of our customers and minimize their financial risks.


The purpose of our services is to provide support and expertise in all areas related to financial accounting either as a full service or specific parts of it.

Financial Advisory

Every business deal brings a specific set of challenges requiring specialist knowledge and experience. Expertus provides businesses with corporate finance advice.

Tax Advisory

Companies with international plans and operations can fully rely on Expertus tax professionals, who provide a combination of local attention and global capabilities.

Bankruptcy Procedures

We provide various bankruptcy proceedings services to entities and trustees in bankruptcy such as review, analysis and assessments of the accounting.

Assisting Service

We offer assisting services meant for entities and authorities dealing with reviewing financial information.

Financial Training

Our shared knowledge, experience and education are valuable basis for training and advising others. Knowledge is most valuable when shared with others.