Financial Advisory Services

We offer our clients versatile financial advisory services.

We provide versatile financial advising services, facilitating entities in finding the best and optimal solutions to new or past projects. We compile business plans and financial prognoses, advise entities on purchase and sale transactions, and estimate the market values of entities or investments for the purpose of completing transactions or settling business disputes.

Financial advisory
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Business plans and financial prognoses

Based on the customer’s business project analysis, we draw up prognoses for business activities, investments, financing, cash flows, profit and financial position, all of which form an integral part of any complete business plan.

Advising on company mergers, divisions as well as purchase and sales transactions

We advise entities on analysing financial information for the purpose of preparing and carrying out transactions.

We compile a prognosis of the post-transaction financial position.

Estimating the value of an entity or its parts

We implement internationally accepted methodology to assess the value of entity shares, parts, investments or other assets for the purpose of completing transactions or settling business disputes.

Advice on financial transactions

We offer the following financial advisory services:

  • Preparation of business plans
  • Preparation of financial forecasts
  • Preparation of investment forecasts
  • Preparation of profit and cash flow forecasts
  • Advising on the merger of companies
  • Advising on the division of companies
  • Advising on corporate purchase transactions
  • Advising on business sales transactions
  • Valuation of the company’s value
  • Valuation of the company’s shares
  • Advising on other financial transactions
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