Tax Advisory

We offer tax advice on all tax-related questions.

The purpose of the tax advisory service is to provide entities support in various tax-related issues. The services include determining taxation risks, tax-related advice for an entity or a part of it and advice on completing tax declarations.

Tax advisory
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Taxation risks

Taxation risks analysis includes a review of tax accounting correctness and compliance with legislation, the purpose of which is to determine and minimize potential errors in accounting as well as to advise customers regarding correcting the errors. Evaluation of taxation risks comprises an analysis of tax accounting for the entire entity or of tax-related information regarding a certain operating area or transaction.

Taxation advisory

Taxation advisory includes advising on the whole entity, on more limited sections of accounting or on specific transactions. As our company belongs to an international cooperation network, we have access to international tax-related information, which is why we also provide advice on finding best solutions for international tax issues.


We provide counselling on completing tax declarations and determining the volume of tax payables.

We offer the following tax advisory services:

  • Analysis of taxation risks
  • Evaluation of taxation risks
  • Taxation advisory
  • Counselling on completing tax declarations
  • Determination of the volume of tax payables
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